Tusk packs quite a punch. He traps enemies with shards of ice, rolls himself and his teammates into battle with his giant snowball, and gives foes a total knockout with his devastating Walrus Punch.

Tusk Gegenstände (29)

Gegenstand / Gegenstand SetHeldSeltenheitSlotAng / AnsRangSchlüsselPreis
Arctic Hunter's Ice AxeThe Arctic HunterTuskrareweapon411~
Arctic Hunter's ParkaThe Arctic HunterTuskuncommonshoulders301~
Arctic Hunter's TusksThe Arctic HunterTuskuncommonneck201~
Arctic Hunter's HoodThe Arctic HunterTuskuncommonhead201~
Arctic Hunter's SnackThe Arctic HunterTuskcommonback301~
Arctic Hunter's GloveThe Arctic HunterTuskcommonarms401~
Frostiron Raider HelmThe Frostiron RaiderTuskuncommonhead201~
Frostiron Raider AxeThe Frostiron RaiderTuskuncommonweapon301~
Frostiron Raider FistThe Frostiron RaiderTuskrarearms301~
Frostiron Raider ShieldThe Frostiron RaiderTuskcommonback201~
Frostiron Raider TusksThe Frostiron RaiderTuskuncommonneck101~
Frostiron Raider WrapThe Frostiron RaiderTuskuncommonshoulders201~
Frozen Stein of the Bar Brawlerkein Set GegenständeTuskrarearms001~
Barrier Shard Axekein Set GegenständeTuskuncommonweapon601~
Barrel of Whale Alekein Set GegenständeTuskrareback201~
Snowball Stingerkein Set GegenständeTuskmythicalarms201~
Frost Touched Cleaverkein Set GegenständeTuskrareweapon301~
Ancestor's Frozen Axekein Set GegenständeTuskrareweapon001~
Bobusang's AxeBobusang's Traveling NecessitiesTuskcommonweapon701~
Bobusang's MerchandiseBobusang's Traveling NecessitiesTuskuncommonback1001~
Bobusang's JacketBobusang's Traveling NecessitiesTuskcommonshoulders901~
Bobusang's Fist of the Predator OwlBobusang's Traveling NecessitiesTuskcommonarms501~
Bobusang's Tobacco FixBobusang's Traveling NecessitiesTuskrareneck601~
Bobusang's SunshadeBobusang's Traveling NecessitiesTuskuncommonhead601~
Icewrack's Fistkein Set GegenständeTuskrarearms001~
Boreal Sigilkein Set GegenständeTuskuncommon3rd ability001~
Arctic Hunter Setkein Set GegenständeTuskrarebundle001~3.19
Frostiron Raider Setkein Set GegenständeTuskrarebundle001~3.19
Bobusang's Traveling Necessities Setkein Set GegenständeTuskrarebundle001~3.19

Tusk Gegenstand Sets (3)


It had been a brawl to remember. There stood Ymir, the Tusk, the Terror from the Barrier, the Snowball from Cobalt, the only fighter to have bested the Bristled Bruiser in a fair fight, and now the last man standing in Wolfsden Tavern. What started as a simple bar bet of supremacy ended with four regulars, a blacksmith, and six of the Frost Brigade's best soldiers writhing against the shards and splinters of almost every bottle, mug, and chair in the building. The Tusk boasted and toasted his victory as he emptied his brew. No sooner had the defeated regained consciousness than the cries for double-or-nothing rang out. The Tusk was pleased at the prospect, but none could think of a bet bigger than the one he just conquered. Horrified at the damage to his tavern and desperate to avoid another brawl, the barkeep had an idea. As skilled as he was, Ymir had never taken part in a real battle, never tested himself against the indiscriminate death and chaos of war. He proposed a wager to the fighter: seek out the biggest battle he could find, survive, and win it for whichever side he chose. The stakes? The next round of drinks.


[H] All giftable sets from CC2016, [W]ant good items, prefer cs go keys(1key~=2,5€)
Add me on steam for more info. (4k hours dota player, 12 steam account lvl, i have recomendations
— Set — Price in: CS GO KEYs
(Pudge)Doomsday Ripper: 14
(Very rare curier)Atrophic Skitterwing: 2
(PA)Creeping Shadow: 5
(Zeus)Wartorn Heavens: 3
(Sven)Stormwrought Arbiter: 4
(SF)Diabolical Fiend: 3
(CK)Oni Knight the Dark Conqueror: 1
(Tinker)Fortified Fabricator: 2
(Winter Wyvern)Iceburnt Elegy: 2
(Bane)Heir of Terror: 1
(Und)Dirgeful Overlord: 2
(Luna)Nightsilver's Resolve: 2
(Arc Warden)Fractured Envoy: 2
(Magnus) Rising Glory: 1
(Meepo)The Family Values Bundle: 3
Also 2 last sets of CC15 with unique skills animations and icons
(Tusk)Brawler of the Glacier Sea: 10
(Sky Wrath)Beacon of Cerulean Light: 4

vor 21 Tage

[W] Brawler of Glacier Sea
[H] Lots of things to offer,Add me to talk

vor 22 Tage

( H )Tusk - Brawler of the Glacier Sea
( W ) Enigma - World Chasm Artifact

vor 1 Monat

[H] Brawler of the Glacier Sea CUSTOM SKILLS ANIMATIONS [the massive IGLOO] and icons!!
[W] Good offers {send on Steam im often online!} (no garbage items)
I have also: -very rare Tusk and SkyWrath sets from TI 15 with unique skills animations and custom icons. -all TI 16 sets [Sven, SF, Meepo, Magnus, Zeus, WinterVyv, Pa, Ck, Tinker, Bane, ArcWarden, Undying] with rare curier and VERY RARE PUDGE set.
[Add me on STEAM]

vor 1 Monat

H ti16 Mythical Set Stormwrought Arbiter, The Family Values Bundle, Fractured Envoy, Iceburnt Elegy
w ti16 Mythical Set Undying and the rest..
you give the first..

vor 5 Monate

[H] Brawler of the Glacier Sea
also have four sets.
[W] - arkanas, or very rare items worth in summary ~140€ per set :(

vor 6 Monate

[H] Barrier Rogue Set
[W] Winter treasure or Profit
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vor 7 Monate

{w} Whiskey Stout immo

vor 9 Monate

[H] Offers
[W] Brawler of the glacier sea

vor 10 Monate

H - brawler of the glacier sea
W - abaddon mythic sword
you first thanks

vor 11 Monate

Fraud :(

vor 11 Monate

Scammer : do not trade with him

vor 11 Monate

[W] Brawler of the Glacier Sea or Barrier Rogue set [Brawler]
[W] Whiskey Stout immo
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[H] Barrier Rogue set
[H] Whiskey Stout immo
[W] Offers Immo's etc.
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vor 1 Jahr

W Brawler of the glacier sea
H Nice offers
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vor 1 Jahr

[W] Barrier Rogue set + other set
[H] Warlock - Tools of the Hellsworn

vor 1 Jahr

WANT - Tusk's Cap of the Glacier Sea (I just want the Cap)
HAVE - Bloodmist Crescent Axe, The Creeper's Cruelty Set, Vile Carnival Hat, Tribal Stone Pauldron, Warhammer of Renewed Faith

vor 1 Jahr

[W] Brawler of the Glacier Sea
[H] A good offer that equals 3-3.5$

vor 1 Jahr

[W] Brawler of the Glacier Sea / Barrier Rogue set
[H] Inscribed Paraflare Cannon

vor 1 Jahr

[W] Brawler of the Glacier Sea
[H] Totem of Deep Magma

vor 1 Jahr
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