Old Ironsides Shipbreaker's Hull

belt, common
Old Ironsides Shipbreaker's Hull
Held: Kunkka, erstellt: vor 4 Jahre

Ihr Schiff ist angekommen! Ein robuster Panzer aus blauem Stahl, geschmiedet in Form eines Schiffsrumpfes. Gefertigt, um durch die hartnäckigsten Verteidigungen zu brechen.

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message me before add

vor 3 Jahre

have tb arcana with gold gem(in market Prismatic: Gold - $49.80 USD)+ corrupted,+autograf tb in market -28$ =78$ -% =65-70$
want good offer, or 3 arcana or 3-4 items 15-20$ or keys

vor 3 Jahre

~ Read this carefully ~
~ How to avoid getting scammed ~
Hello im zaazaa i created this guide for all dota traders ... this is a small guide to keep your self protected from scammers and hackers
Ways to get scammed :
1. The fake link/phishing scam ... the original steam link is www.steampowered.com .. People will add/remove some letters to make it look like real.. Never ever click them or visit them.. Just block and report who sent it ...
2- Trade offer/Steam Wallet scam : the scammer will tell you check ur trade offers and they will say i have sent u $ via steam offer .. note : there is no Real money trading via steam offer
3- Trusted friend scam .. People will say do you have trusted friend online ? let him hold the item for us and he will be our middleman... scammer's friend will change his name into ur real friend and he will invite u to trade and then he will scam ur items and run..
4- Middleman scams. always check steamrep.com for real middlemans never use random middleman
5- Least but not last.. never trust anyone this is internet..
Feel free to Message me anytime if you need help with anything
Please Feel free to Give me +Rep in dota trade and to also keep this bumped to everyone
And Feel free to Message me anytime if you need help with anything

vor 3 Jahre